We Know Oil

Production and distribution of motor and industrial oils, greases and special fluids – activities.

Why Choose us?

Production capacities of Oil Form are built and developed according to the most modern and innovative technologies.

The wide product range is a result  coming from the combination of Company‘s own research and excellent cooperation with the world leaders in the oil and chemical industry, such as Chevron, Gulf Oil Marine, Lubrizol and others.

Engine Oil

Top quality synthetic diesel engine oil designated for the lubrication of heavy-duty diesel engines

Gear Oil

Recommended for lubrication of closed gear drives (reducers), chain (gear) drives, chain wheels and sprockets.

Hydraulic Oil

Suited for hydraulic system operated at very high pressures exceeding 25 MPa and oil temperatures exceeding 90°C.

How to choose the right engine oil?

The choice of engine oil is made by the car manufacturer.

The service documentation contains recommendations about the necessary requirements the engine oil should meet.

These requirements concern the performance and viscosity parameters.

High performance Engine Oil

Along with the performance characteristics (ACEA and API) and viscosity grade,

attention should be paid to the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications (OEM).

OilForm UHPD 10W-40

Is top quality synthetic diesel engine oil designated for the lubrication of heavy-duty diesel engines designed according to the latest international diesel exhaust emission standards Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI and equipped with the relevant diesel particulate filters.

OilForm Ultra TD 10W-40

Is top quality multigrade engine, blended with high quality synthetic base components, and an especially formulated advanced additive package and an extremely shear stable Viscosity Index Improver to ensure very high performance, excellent durability and stability during service at extended drain intervals.

OilForm SHPD VDS-3 10W-40

Multigrade engine oil is formulated with exceptionally high quality and carefully balanced blend of solvent refined, hydrotreated and synthetic base stocks and high performance additive technology to provide superb performance and excellent durability in service.

OilForm Super SHPD 15W-40

Is a new category engine oil of medium SAPS level intended for moderately extended oil drain intervals. This oil is based on API Group II base oils as per the new motor oil tendencies and complies with the requirements imposed by the heavy duty diesel engines bio-diesel fuel in accordance with EU regulations.

What are the main types of transmission oil according to its application?

There are two main types:

– Oils for manual transmissions and differential gears. They are also called MTF (Manual Transmission Fluid);

– Oils for automatic transmissions, the so-called ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

High performance Gear Oil

Transmission oil is a mixture of base oil and additives with very good anti-wear

and anti-scoring properties and good stability to thermal oxidation.

OilForm Rolon F

Oils are formulated with an appropriate selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrotreated lube base stocks blended with an ashless sulfur-phosphorus type additive package that delivers a high level of micropitting resistance in addition to high EP protection and thermal stability.

OilForm Rolon

The industrial gear oils are developed for lubrication of heavily loaded industrial gear drives operated at normal, medium and elevated stabilized oil temperatures.